Indonesia’s Leading Presenters

ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION. The movers and shakers of Indonesia’s showbiz industry put a premium on presentation. Here, these five hotshot presenters show off their modeling skills as well

Tommy Tjokro
‘Mr. Jakarta’

When he was just a little tyke, Tommy Tjokro was an energetic and super-active kid, giving his parents headaches most of the time. Things haven’t changed that much now that Tommy is all grown up, except he’s learned to make the most of all that energy and has become one of the most recognizable news presenters in Indonesia. Tommy was born in Germany in 1977 and now he greets tens of thousands of Metro TV viewers on most days, bringing them the latest news. When asked how he feels about being a prominent news anchor in Metro TV, Mr. Jakarta 2005 modestly explains to
DA MAN, “My position is no different from what others have. I still have some areas that I need to work on.” Promptly after earning his bachelor’s degree in Australia, Tommy arrived in his parents’ home country and went to work for Metro TV. The viewers warmly welcomed him and his career at the TV station rapidly soared. In 2005, he won Jakarta’s Abang-None Competition and was chosen to be Jakarta’s 2005 Tourism Ambassador. “Personally, my immediate goal is to produce my own shows. There is a certain age where a news anchor can’t be TV anymore. Someday, hopefully soon, I wish to have my own program and my own show. The most important thing for me is to pursue that goal.”

Daddo Parus
Eye for talent

Ubiquitous TV presenter Daddo Parus nearly became a diplomat instead of the well-known entertainer/presenter that we know him as today. A graduate of the French language department at the University of Indonesia, the presenter, who also dabbles in talent management, first dipped his toes into the entertainment world in 1993 as a broadcaster for Prambors radio station. Having mastered French, Daddo once worked as a liaison officer during the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1992, after which he was offered a position as a diplomat.

Turning down the offer, Daddo went on to become a full-time broadcaster, reporter and a member of the PR team for Prambors. Later, he had a role in a music video with a popular local musician. His most prized and memorable project was when he was the main host/MC for a gala event with President Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono and other heads of state during the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali. “There are certain qualifications, terms and protocols that they adhere to for these things. They don’t just pick a famous presenter and get him to host in front of the president. Knowing that I actually fulfilled the strict criteria was probably the greatest thing I have ever experienced,” Daddo told DA MAN during a recent photo shoot.

Erwin Parengkuan
Entertaining entrepreneur

From Phil Collins and UNICEF to the running of his own school, Erwin Parengkuan is a well-connected entertainer. Entrepreneur and presenter Erwin Parengkuan has a mind-blowing amount of work to do each day. “Aside from managing my public-speaking school (Talk-Inc.), I’m obviously still busy teaching, broadcasting and MCing for a variety of shows and events,” Erwin explained. His early days in the entertainment business saw him as a radio broadcaster and event organizer for Prambors Radio in 1989. In 1993, he entered the business world by establishing an event organizing company, involved in a wide array of projects from organizing a Phil Collins concert to supporting UNICEF.

Helping him cope with all these activities for so many years is his personal philosophy: “I am a very positive person. My motto is to always look at the bright side of life. Whatever the situation is or no matter how tired I am, I can always find something positive about what I do, and that’s what I mainly focus on.” With a wife and four kids, Erwin is required to perfectly balance his time. “My work is important, but my family is obviously much more important. I always try to hang out with my kids as often as possible.” The well-experienced presenter also has plans to move his business to Bali and stay there permanently with his family.

Muhammad Farhan
Persib’s No. 1 fan

For the last two years, seasoned presenter/entrepreneur and huge soccer fan Muhammad Farhan has been using his versatile communication skills to manage the financial side of Bandung’s top soccer club, Persib, as the Business Development Manager. “There is potentially a great business here, and that should be used to develop the team and the quality of Indonesian soccer, as a whole, for that matter. The problem is that so far, there have not been any good examples of an economically well-developed soccer team in Indonesia,” Farhan says.

He has been a soccer fan ever since he started his journey in the entertainment industry by becoming a radio scriptwriter in 1993. After two years of that, he went to Jakarta and made his first television debut. From then on, he went to host TV shows and quizzes. Farhan is currently engaged in numerous social concern groups including Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa dedicated to helping teenagers say ‘no’ to drugs, and the Indonesian Autism Foundation. Still very active as an MC and presenter, Farhan sees himself as “a business professional with an undying passion for the entertainment industry.”

Ferdi Hasan
Global citizen

World traveler and former model and basketballer Ferdi Hasan is an award-winning presenter despite admitting to inherent shyness. Born in Jakarta, Ferdi had a global education due to his parents’ work. He spent most of his early days, from kindergarten to junior high, in California and went to college in the U.S. state of Washington, before matriculating to a polytechnic institute in New Zealand. Even after all the time overseas, Ferdi fell in love with the local entertainment industry in the 1990s. “Back then, Prambors was the only radio station cool enough for the younger generation. Pretty much everybody listened to it and wanted to be a part of it, so when I qualified to be a broadcaster there, I took it without question.”

Although his comfort zone lies within hosting quizzes such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire Hot Seat, Ferdi has hosted numerous other shows, some which earned him the Best Male Talkshow Presenter at the Panasonic Awards, both in 2002 and 2003. Despite the success, Ferdi admits to being a shy individual deep down. “I am actually very shy. Sometimes I try to bail myself out of a client meeting or something if my presence wasn’t really necessary. Thankfully though, most of the time Daddo [Parus, his manager] or someone else reminds me that these things are important, so I go anyway.”


Photographs Andre Djuanda/Rooster Studio
Styling Peter Zewet