Versace dresses up Inter Milan soccer stars

Inter ups the suave quotient. Versace has designed the famous Italian soccer club, Inter Milan’s official uniforms. So now whenever you see Inter Milan in official functions off the field, you’ll know what guys like Luis Figo, Giampaolo Pazzini and Samuel Eto’o are wearing.


Donatella Versace hosted a series of cocktail parties in several global cities this past August alongside the players, coaches and team owners to announce the collaboration. “I’m very excited about dressing my favorite football team,” Donatella Versace exclaimed.

versace-inter-milan-011 for DA MAN 2


“First of all, they’re not built like regular men, so you have to think of the shape of the suits,” Donatella Versace adds. While these exclusive suits may not be available off the rack at your local Versace boutique, you can get something very similar as the designs were based on the current Versace collection for men.

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