TAG Heuer Watches Celebrates 150 Years of Mastering Speed

For decades, TAG Heuer’s name has been mentioned in the same breath as some of the fastest men in the world. The Swiss watchmaker recently celebrated its 150th year of “Mastering Speed” with a sleek collection.

Grand Carerra Chrono Calibre 17 RS, with black dial and croco strap, helmet from the Tag Heuer vintage collection
Right: New Aquaracer SS quartz watch



For the last 150 years, TAG Heuer has made a huge impact in the world of automobile racing and other velocity-based sports as the first watch brand to partner with race-car drivers and an F1 team and creating luxurious high-precision chronographs. Today, the legacy of founder Edouard Heuer continues as the brand’s everlasting journey in “Mastering Speed” takes the brand to a whole new level with their latest collection bearing the honorable message of TAG Heuer’s “150 Years of Motor Racing” celebration. Here are some of our picks from the brand’s 2011 collection.

Left: Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date Chrono watch, leather travel bag from the Tag Heuer vintage collection
Right: Carrera SS Auto Chrono watch, leather racing jacket from the Tag Heuer vintage collection

Left: New Formula 1 SS watch, Grand Prix jacket from the Tag Heuer vintage collection
Right: Grand Carrera Chrono Titan Automatic watch, Meridiist 3-D mobile phone

Left: Aquaracer SS automatic chronograph watch
Right: Formula 1 Grande Date SS chronograph watch, speedway sunglasses with precision lenses


Andre Djuanda