DA MAN Exclusive Online feature with Harry Shum, Jr.

DA MAN Exclusive Online feature with Harry Shum, Jr., known to much of the world as the Dancing Sensation Mike Chang on the hugely popular hit TV show Glee.

Harry Shum, Jr. of Glee Web Exclusive2 by Yann Bean

DA MAN: One of the most memorable experiences you’ve had is…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
Stepping on to a stage for the first time. It was an out-of-body experience that I don’t think I’ll be able to feel again.

DA MAN: You can’t live without your…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
Sriracha [spicy Thai dipping sauce].

DA MAN: Your idea of happiness…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
Eat well, sleep well and do well.

DA MAN: You value…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
My friendships and family.

DA MAN: Something that you’ve not told anyone is…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
Something I probably will never tell anyone [wink, wink].

DA MAN: This year, your goal is to…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
Keep growing.

Harry Shum, Jr. of Glee  -- Web Exclusive by Yann Bean

DA MAN: Fashion, to you, is…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
The outer soul that creates the definition of your internal design. Yeah, I have no idea what that means either.

DA MAN: If you were not acting (or singing or modeling), you would be…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
A chef.

DA MAN: Your motto in life is…
Harry Shum, Jr.:
Life is simple, people make it complicated.



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Photographs by Yann Bean

Creative Direction by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack