Balmain’s new affordable line: Pierre Balmain

Newly affordable couture. The elite Parisian fashion house of Balmain is known for incredibly luxurious, and very expensive, clothing and accessories. This has put them out of reach for most people to even consider. But now, the brand has created a new, more affordable, line called Pierre Balmain, named after Balmain’s late founder.

Whereas in the main line of Balmain—known to be a favorite for the likes of Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss—it’s not uncommon to see thousand-dollar jeans for men, this new line, Pierre Balmain, is about 20 percent of that.


Hitting stores globally in fall 2011 this year, the attire in this collection, with lots of denim and a streetwear aura, could be the fashion hit of the year. The exclusive house of Balmain says the new line will “continue to express its core DNA.”


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