Mark Ronson hits Bali + Jakarta

Style Icon Mark Ronson did Bali for one night. And two nights later did Jakarta at Blowfish.

On Wednesday evening March 16, 2011, the man behind Amy Winehouse and former “360 Icon” in DA MAN magazine’s print edition (see full article below) is going to perform a gig.

Tickets are Rp 200,000 (about US$22) and are available at Potato Head Beach Club and the Eleven Store inside the venue Wednesday, March 16 at 10:00 p.m. The show is scheduled to run until 3:00 a.m.

Location: Potato Head Beach Club, Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Telephone: 62-361/737-979


For Details on the Jakarta show at Blowfish, see flyer below:

Right on the Mark

“He’s recently had a succession of ridiculous haircuts: a huge quiff, a pudding basin with a lopsided fringe. This is hair that says: [I’m cool enough] that I can make myself look stupid and still live a life of wall-to-wall deep-pile shagging,” so says style editor Alexis Petridis from the Guardian in the U.K.

He, of course, was talking about DA MAN’s Style Icon, Mark Ronson. Born in London, raised in NYC, his main calling is in the music business, where he is flat-out the best producer in the world at the moment—and the brains behind the Grammy-obliterating album, Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. (Also: It’s recently been announced the two of them are hooking up again for a new album.)

But Ronson now transcends music and has become a style star with all the right looks and moves. He’s recently gotten into bed with Gucci, creating a stylish footwear line (check out the DA MAN October/November 2009 edition).

He usually wears stuff that’s a bit on the vintage side, from the mod/ska or “rude boy” look to early Marvin Gaye or a vibrant plaid jacket with skinny tie. GQ Britain dug his style so much that they honored him with the “most stylish man in Britain” title in 2009. He was also ranked no. 25 on‘s survey of the “most influential men in the world.”

And back to Petridis, “Ronson’s signature style is smart, witty … melding hip-hop with classic 60s soul and reggae … utterly modern and comfortingly familiar.”

Notable Ronson quotables:

• “[Amy Winehouse] is one of my favorite people. She’s witty, strong and she’s got that old/new thing going on, like me.”

• “I recall bringing back some steel-tipped Dr Martens when I was about 12. Then when I was 14 I began playing in my first band, which had an early 70s Sly & The Family Stone-type funk influence, so I’d raid my mum’s wardrobe for flowery print shirts and psychedelic-looking overcoats. I even had my hair chopped in a bowl cut.”

• “I was sitting in traffic behind a cupcake-vending truck forever. I can’t wait until this cupcake fad goes the way of the mashup.”

• “It’s not that hard to date a supermodel if you live in New York and go out.”

• “I’m a micromanaging perfectionist Virgo.”

• “Bono, Shane MacGowan and the Turtles on stage at Carnegie Hall. Surely the apocalypse can’t be far behind.”

• “Fashion people?! They are late on everything.”

• “If you want to be taken seriously, you can’t just say yes whenever someone waves a wad of cash in your face.”

Photo (above) courtesy of Michael Spiller, FlickR

This article, written by Salli Paradisio, appeared in DA MAN’s December/January 2010 edition