Essential: Etro Fall/Winter ’15/’16 Collection is a Never-Ending Supper

PATTERN GENIUS. If a fool is someone who falls into the same trap over and over again, a genius is someone who can do something over and over again but achieves different, or even better, results. This statement is perhaps best demonstrated by Kean Etro’s designs.


Always working with patterns and colors season after season, the collections brought forth by the storied designer never fails to hit the right notes. For Etro’s fall/winter ’15/’16 installment, he brought back some of the brand’s iconic advertising imagery taken 17 years ago, titled “Never Ending Supper.” It depicted a marble-lined Italian palazzo crawling with exotic animals. The collection features handpainted patterns with various textures applied on a bevy of pieces, calling to mind the aforementioned creatures. Shirts, bow ties and sneakers are all wrapped in prints and trompe-l’oeil patterns that are as charming as ever.