News: 5 up-and-coming local menswear labels

Originality never goes out of fashion. It requires novelty, a discerning eye and courage in pulling off fashion pieces that verbalize one’s unique personality in a visual, wearable form. These five Indonesian designers on the up-and-up have caught our attention for their fresh aesthetics and their bravery in blazing new fashion trails.


1. Adamist


Taking a cue from the infamous British eccentricity is the new menswear label Adamist. One has to look closely to find quirky details in seemingly traditional and tailored pieces, like the bow tie graphic emblazoned on button-down shirts to create the illusion of a real bow tie.


2. Soe Hoe

soe hoe

We can only imagine where the inspiration of their leather harness-inspired pieces is drawn from. For the spring/summer 2014 collection, we say to heck with the tropical heat. We’d wear the multi-colored leather pieces loud and proud.


3. Green Rock

green rock

The advantage of living in the tropical isles is the ability of wearing vibrant-hued pieces all year long. Like a loud mockery to the snowy winter, the retro-inspired shirts are like a code of arms, a symbol of privilege for dwelling in a geographically desirable spot where it’s forever summer.


4. Populo


For designers, complex prints have always been a challenge to incorporate into their pieces. Fashion label Populo proudly embraces our heritage by churning out batik pieces that look fashionably modern yet bursting with the vibrancy of the past.


5. Pop Meets Pop

pop meets pop

With the oh-so-irresistible Pevita Pearce as an ambassador and co-designer, the Bandung-based denim label focuses on quality and tailoring, and lets the rest of the components fall into place. You can never go wrong with the classics.