Andrey Zakharov is Probably the Most Zen Male Top Model Ever

UNCHAINED WARRIOR. Andrey Zakharov is a self-made model who believes in hard work as much as spiritual enlightenment. Fresh from this season’s Giorgio Armani campaign, he shares some interesting insights


Andrey Zakharov for DA MAN STYLE FW16 in Body chain by Alexander McQueen
Body chain by Alexander McQueen


A Russian model who travels the globe is nothing new. Andrey Zakharov, however, is not your average globetrotting Russian model. Even considering the fact that pure genetics is often cited as the reason to get into modeling, this particular career path didn’t just land on Zakharov’s lap despite his looks. He pursued this line of work out of curiosity and then with tenacity after a stranger, instead of scouting him, merely planted the idea in his head. Even so, a year later he found himself strutting on the runways of Paris and Milan.

His expressive personality is as alluring as his captivating gaze. Zakharov’s mind, like his erratic traveling schedule, ever so constantly jumps from one thing to another; he excitedly gushes about energy, nature and spirituality, some of perhaps the most distant subjects from what fashion often constitutes of. This paradox, for lack of a better word, adds a raw sheen to his well-polished modeling skill, which he has mastered quite well since the early adventures that took him away from his small hometown in Russia.


Andrey Zakharov for DA MAN STYLE FW16 in Gloves by Y-3
Gloves by Y-3

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