Stylish Sarongs for the Summer

SIMPLY LAID BACK STYLE. If you’re looking for a simple fashion feature that is not only easy to wear but also relaxing and helps you cool off in the heat, well the sarong is for you


Model Dan Murphy in a sarong by Parang Kencana

When you travel across the Indonesian archipelago, one fashion feature that can be found to be used by both men and women throughout the islands is the sarong. It has a myriad of uses, ranging from the intricate batik sarongs often used for traditional ceremonies, to the simple light fabrics often used for religious prayers and even as a relaxing piece of clothing for chilling around the house. In some parts of Java the sarong is used to help mothers carry their babies, which today has been modernized to be the simple baby carrier we know today. The popularity of this useful yet simple fabric has gone world wide and continues to grow, now becoming a must have accessory for when you hit the beach. Thanks to the versatility of the sarong, its uses are almost endless, and being used things things besides as a wrap around the waist. You can used a sarong as a makeshift picnic mat instead of having to carry around a heavy beach towel and can be turned into an emergency towel when you happen to forget to bring yours. For more formal occasions, it can be twisted into a shall. So, next time you’re planning to hit the beach or pretty much anywhere really, never forget to pack a sarong. A sarong is ready to help your fashion cause, be it for relaxing or adding a unique touch to your look.


Model Jon Hosking in sarong by Parang Kencana, necklace by Marc Jacobs

Model Kaylan Morgan in sarong by Biasa

Model Andrew Thomas in Sarong by Biasa


Photography Ronald Liem
Models Dan Murphy, Jon HoskingAndrew Thomas and Kaylan Morgan
Styling Triska Putri (Kaylan Morgan) and Edwin Habibun (Dan Murphy)