Lacoste Polo Flag collection

Lacoste is unveiling its special polo flag collection. These hip polo shirts should make perfect summer attire, especially since the London 2012 Olympic Games happens to begin at the end of July with all the inherent patriotism.



The collection consists of three styles of polo shirts; each of which is decorated with the flag of one of these 16 countries: South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, Korea, Spain, the USA, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia and Switzerland.


One style is called the Croco Flag Polo Shirt, where the iconic croc logo is transformed into a flag bearer. Another style is the Flag Polo Shirt, where the flags are emblazoned into the shirts. The last one is the Limited-Edition Polo Shirt, which comes with an engraved Plexiglass case and features a patchwork of the 16 chosen flags.