Feature: Top 5 Indonesian Actors to Watch in 2015

GIFTED GENTLEMEN. Given the success of a few of Indonesian actors breaking out into the global cinema in 2014, we now round up five Indonesian actors to look forward to in 2015

Tora Sudiro DAMAN

  1. Tora Sudiro

Movie: “Kacaunya Dunia Persilatan” (January 2015)

Director: Hilman Mutasi

Other Cast: Darius Sinathrya, Aming

Tora Sudiro has proven to the public that his decade-long experience doesn’t go to waste. Having shot to fame in “Arisan!” due to his infamous kissing scene with Surya Saputra, Sudiro landed quite a number of prominent roles after that, including Mahmud in Indonesian blockbuster movie “Laskar Pelangi.” In his upcoming movie “Kacaunya Dunia Persilatan,” the father of three plays a good fighter, Si Buta Dari Gua Buat Elu, who is in search of a sacred sword to prevent the world from falling into chaos.

 Deva 6

  1. Deva Mahenra

Movie: “Guru Bangsa: Tjokroaminoto” (March 2015)

Director: Garin Nugroho

Other Cast: Reza Rahadian, Chelsea Islan

Rising-star Deva Mahenra is set to impress viewers with his charismatic appeal. Known for collaborating with Cherrybelle in “Crush,” Mahenra is now better known as the husband of a young married couple in sitcom “Tetangga Masa Gitu.” In his upcoming movie “Guru Bangsa: Tjokroaminoto,” the youthful actor plays a young Soekarno who helps Tjokroaminoto in pursuing Indonesia’s independence.

 Rio Dewanto_3

  1. Rio Dewanto

Movie: “Filosofi Kopi” (April 2015)

Director: Angga Dwimas Sasongko

Other Cast: Chicco Jerikho, Julie Estelle

With several movie deals already signed, “Filosofi Kopi,” “Bulan di Atas Kuburan” and “Love & Faith,” to name a few, Rio Dewanto is absolutely on a roll this year. It is undoubtedly because Dewanto has been showing remarkable acting skill, in “Modus Anomali” and “Java Heat” among others. In his upcoming movie “Filosofi Kopi,” he plays Jody who recounts his past while owning a successful coffee stall along with his best friend Ben.

 Iko Uwais

  1. Iko Uwais

Movie: “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” (December 2015)

Director: J.J. Abrams

Other Cast: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill

Iko Uwais has charmed the audience with his exceptional moves in action movies. It is no surprise as he is a national martial arts champion. Due to his notable portrayal of Rama in “The Raid,” Uwais is again set to demonstrate slick stunt work in an upcoming sci-fi action movie, “Beyond Skyline.” Rumor has it that the athletic actor will also appear in the upcoming Star Wars Saga “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens,” which is set thirty years after the prequel.


  1. Oka Antara

Movie: “Departures” (2015)

Director: Jorik Dozy

Other Cast: Dora Teo, Bill Theo

There is no doubt that Oka Antara has a strong presence to draw in an audience. Not only capable of performing great moves in thrilling action movie “The Raid 2,” Antara also managed to nail a psychologically disturbed character in dramatic crime movie “Killers.” In his upcoming short movie “Departures,” the good-looking actor plays Ezra Mahendra, a desperate father who risks everything to give his dying daughter the comfort she deserves.