Exclusive Feature: Lexi Atkins Chats About “Ted 2,” “The Boy Next Door” and “Zombeavers”

DREAM CATCHER. Having dreamed to be a performer since childhood, Lexi Atkins had fought her battle and come up from the very bottom.                DA MAN chats with the beautiful actress

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Everything happens for a reason, people say. When Lexi Atkins missed her flight from Los Angeles to Illinois, it was as if by some twist of fate that she received a last-minute call for audition for “The Boy Next Door,” Jennifer Lopez’ latest film with Ryan Guzman. Soon as she got the role, Atkins took a lot of classes to prep herself up before the camera. The model-turned-actress has, in fact, a bunch of other projects coming up in 2015. Two of which are TV series “The Messengers” and thriller-comedy “Zombeavers”—produced by Chris Bender who did “American Pie” and “The Hangover.” Ever so passionate on being in the showbiz and acting since a little girl, Atkins shows that nothing can go wrong if you believe in pursuing your dreams.

DA MAN: You’ll play Allie Cambridge in “The Boy Next Door.” How’s the movie production like?
Lexi Atkins: Hi! The movie production was amazing to be on. It was one of my first big features, which made it all the more exciting. I tried to soak up every day to the fullest because I knew the experience would go by a lot faster than usually expected. Time flies when you’re having fun!

DA: It’s not only directed by Rob Cohen but also has big stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman. What was the experience like working on set with these people?
LA: To actually get the opportunity to work with Jennifer Lopez who’s been my idol since I was a little girl was beyond exciting! Everyone on set was also such a pleasure and honor to work with. I hope to work with the cast and crew again in the near future.

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Sports bra by Champion, yoga pants by PINK by Victoria’s Secret

DA: Tell us about your role.
LA: I play a young high school girl named Allie Cambridge who is the love interest of Jennifer Lopez’ son, who is played by Ian Nelson. We both attend the same high school, where Jennifer Lopez teaches.

DA: How did you get the role?
LA: It was such a last-minute audition. I was actually supposed to be back at home visiting my family in Illinois, but I had missed my flight and ended up still being in Los Angeles. I got an email asking if I could make it to the audition that same morning, and the rest was history. It truly goes to show that everything happens for a reason.

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DA: What did you do to prepare for the role?
LA: I practiced with my acting coaches before filming and throughout the filming process. Allie was such a fun character to play, which made her pretty easy to prepare for!

DA: You will also play in new apocalyptic TV series “The Messengers.” Could you tell us about your role there?
LA: I play a high school girl in “The Messengers.” My character’s name is Alice who is the love interest of one of the messengers, played by Joel Courtney.

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“I tried to soak up every day to the fullest because I knew the experience would go by a lot faster than usually expected”


DA: You also got another movie coming up, “Zombeavers,” which features a new breed of zombies. What did you think of the movie when you first read the script?
LA: When I first read the script I’m not going to lie that I was very confused. But ironically, at the same time, I was pretty glued to it! It was the perfect mix of sexy ridiculousness and scary humor.

DA: Tell us about your role in the film.
LA: In the film I play a college student named Jen. She has some boy troubles throughout the movie, so her best girlfriends decide to take her to their cousin’s cabin to get away for a girls weekend. Once we get there, all hell breaks loose. My character was the one who got the full “Zombeaver” transformation.

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Sports bra and headband by Lululemon, yoga pants by Prana, bracelet by Cartier

DA: Chris Bender, the producer, also created “American Pie,” “The Hangover” and “Final Destination” before. Do you think “Zombeavers” can live up to the expectation?
LA: Yes, I definitely think so! Honestly, nothing can compare to this film. You’ve just got to see it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

DA: Any hints on the upcoming Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted 2”?
LA: The only hints I can give is that I think it’s going to definitely surpass the first “Ted” and it’s definitely going to be the movie of the year!

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Sports bra and headband by Lululemon, shorts by Asics, bracelet by Cartier, yoga mat by Prana

DA: What character would you play in “Ted 2”?
LA: I play the waitress at the cafe. I got to work alongside Ted, Amanda and Mark, which was one of my highlights of 2014.

DA: If you had to choose between acting and modeling, which one would it be?
LA: I would definitely choose acting. Acting has been a passion of mine ever since I could walk and talk. When I was a little girl, I made my mom videotape me pretending that I had my own TV show! [Laughs] I love to perform and to take on different characters because I truly think each character I play is actually a little piece of the person I already am inside.

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