4 Eau de Parfums to Keep You Smelling Good After a Long Day at Work

THE LONGER, THE BETTER. Nod your head silently if you’ve ever found yourself feeling insecure due to not knowing how you would smell when you decided to go out straight after clocking out at the office


360 Scents Bleu de Chanel Bulgari All Blacks Limited Edition Man Extreme Man in Black Dolce & Gabbana The One copy


While most women wouldn’t mind carrying a bottle of fragrance in their bags, the idea of lugging around a dainty little bottle doesn’t really appeal to most men.

But there is, of course, a solution to this daily quandary: If you’re more or less unsure about your eau de toilettes, then play it safe by opting for highly concentrated eau de parfums.

Finally arriving in Indonesia, Chanel Bleu eau de parfum commands a rather steep price but delivers its charming evening fragrance in spades.

Bulgari takes an even bolder route with the release of not just one, but two all Blacks Limited Edition eau de parfums for men: Man Extreme and Man in Black.

In a similar vein, Dolce & Gabbana reprises its The One fragrance with an eau de parfum version that comes with an extra kick. After all, the longer the fragrance lasts the better, right?



Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Jay Robert Davies
Text Chris Andre