Where to Find Original Bomberg Watches in Indonesia

WITH A BANG. Bomberg enters the Indonesian watch market with an “explosive” array of shocking timepieces

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Most people, when hearing the term “Swiss watch,” would usually think of classy and classic dress watches. sure, some might point out that sporty dive watches and racing chronographs are also common, but even these will generally conform to more to the industry’s, shall we say, traditional image. So, it’s always refreshing to see a brand take on a more refreshing—and even rebellious approach—to Swiss watchmaking. And in this matter, nobody does it quite like Bomberg.

Craftsmanship and Attitude
Despite its clearly non-traditional leaning, Bomberg more than lives up to its status as a bona fide Swiss watchmaking company. Launched back in 2012, the brand is headquartered in the picturesque town of Neuchâtel—the heart of Switzerland’s watch industry. From day one, however, the brand has set out to differentiate itself through audacious styling, innovative designs and ad campaigns that can only be described as “provocative.”
The latter manifests itself through shocking taglines (such as “Toys for Boys” and “Unchain the Beast”) accompanying visual imagery that push the boundaries as they vie for your attention. Above all else, Bomberg is a brand that embraces edginess and shock.

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This attitude then manifests itself into timepieces that are at the same time statement pieces. When somebody wears a Bomberg watch, it is literally hard to miss. The various designs offered by the brand, meanwhile, unequivocally project a rebellious and fashion-forward attitude.
More importantly, this approach seems to work, as seen in the lineup of high-profile fans of the brand. These include Gene Simmons from Kiss, Tommy Lee from the Mötley Crüe, Slash from Guns n’ Roses and NBA player Chris Andersen—who also went on to become the brand’s first brand ambassador.

Statement (Time)pieces
Bomberg unveiled its creations to the world at the Baselword trade show in 2013. Today, they offer two collections: The 1968 and the more recent Bolt-68. The names of these two collections are references to the year 1968, which, by all accounts, was a very memorable year for humanity. That year saw the assassination of U.S. president John F. Kennedy, the infamous Tet Offensive at the climax of the Vietnam war, the Apollo 8 mission that became the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon and many more defining milestones.
Much in the same way, each Bomberg watch is meant to become memorable in their own unique ways. For the Bolt-68 watches, in particular, this uniqueness (and disruptive aspect) comes in the form of a proprietary bayonet system with a trigger guard that allows the timepiece to be detached from its base and attached to a medallion and chain. In other words: each Bolt-68 watch can be transformed into a neat pocket watch.

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Four versions of the Bolt-68 are available: There are the Bolt-68 automatic models, the Bolt-68 automatic 3-hands, the Bolt-68 chronograph quartz and the Bolt-68 quartz 3-hands GMT. This lineup is further enriched by a selection of limited edition watches in stainless steel or PVD treated steel cases. The range of designs that one can pick from includes such expressive options like the Bolt-68 Skull Badass, the Bolt-68 Samurai and many more similarly imaginative models.
Finally, Bomberg also has a selection of accessories. Some, like the Skully Bracelets can easily complement the look of anybody wearing a Bomberg watch. Others, like the grenade desk clock, expand the way you can utilize your Bomberg watch. Essentially, besides wearing your Bomberg watch like a regular wristwatch or a pocket watch, you can also turn it into a desk clock or as an accessory for your motorcycle. Apparently, the brand also offers a modified fuel tank cap that can hold a Bomberg watch.

In The Archipelago
Bomberg officially entered the Indonesian market last year and made quite a splash with an explosive launch event. Watches from the brand are now available at Interval Indonesia, which launched its first boutique on May 2017 at the PIK Avenue shopping mall. It would seem that Bomberg has found a retail partner that has the same penchant for more unusual timepieces.
Indeed, Bomberg’s selection of watches might seem unusual given the brand’s origins in the heartland of Swiss watchmaking. Yet, there’s an undeniable energy that clearly resonates with the modern gentleman looking to showcase his innate rebellious nature in style.