What To Wear in This Chinese New Year’s Festivities

The Chinese New Year is approaching very soon, and invitations have been bulking up the inbox for the past couple of weeks. Family get-togethers, celebration drinks with friends, dinners with the co-workers—you name it. Of course the color red has to make an appearance at least on one item on your outfit this year. That’s why, we’re here to guide you on how to look best on this year’s set of Lunar New Year festivities.

We covered some of our most favorite items to wear on this upcoming celebration; representing the health, wealth, and prosperity we will hopefully receive in this glorious year of pig.

Courtesy of Mr. Porter

Red Western Shirt

Studded checked cotton and wool-blend flannel western shirt, Valentino

Have you been noticing that the western shirt has been making a major comeback? Now’s the right time for you to apply this trend on your outfit. This wool-blend flannel from Valentino is perfect for a get-together with friends and family, can be easily paired with your favorite denim or trousers and a pair of sneakers—you’re all set to go.

Courtesy of Mr. Porter

Burgundy Trousers

Tapered pleated cotton and cashmere-blend corduroy trousers, Wacko Maria

If you want to try to wear red on your bottom but you’re having trouble of finding the right shade of red, no worries—we’ve got you covered. This burgundy trousers from Wacko Maria is in the perfect shade of red; it’s not too dark and it still has that thick redness in it. Paired with a shirt, put on a blazer, and a pair of Oxfords and now you have the ideal Chinese New Year outfit!

Courtesy of Mr. Porter

Suede Red Jacket

Slim-fit suede blouson jacket, Tom Ford

An easy way to insert a touch of red to your outfit is layer on a red jacket. The suede gives a classy feel to the outfit, making your outfit a very pleasing sight to see. This Tom Ford jacket is an ideal choice.

Courtesy of Mr. Porter

Burgundy Sneakers

Cap-toe suede and patent-leather sneakers, Lanvin

Very easy, very simple, very practical—put on a pair of red sneakers like this pair from Lanvin and pair it with whatever you like. Black on black outfit, a pair of suit, casual denim look—everything is perfect with this sneakers.

Courtesy of Mr. Porter

Printed Wallet

Printed leather billfold wallet, Paul Smith

And the last but not least, an accessory that catches the eye. This energetic, bright red wallet from Paul Smith is obviously the perfect accessory for this year’s Lunar New Year, thanks to the pig print.