Watch: BALL Watch Releases the Shock Resistant Firestorm Chaser Pro Chronograph

CUT TO THE CHASE. While many people only wear watches to tell the time, a few rely on their timepieces for much more serious tasks

BALL Watch Firestorm DAMAN

It was these individuals that BALL Watch had in mind when it created the Firestorm Chaser Pro, a solid automatic chronograph designed in partnership with Dr. Joshua Wurman, the “scientist” in reality TV show “Storm Chasers.” The 42mm chronograph is made to withstand harsh weather conditions, given the stainless steel case that is shock resistant up to 5,000G. But for a true storm chaser, the telemeter function is the ultimate draw. It helps measure the distances of naturally occurring phenomena, such as lightning. Activate the chronograph seconds hand once you see a flash of lightning, and stop that hand when you hear the thunder that inevitably follows. Should the hand stop at 3 o’clock, then the lightning is five kilometers away from you.