Scents: Top 5 Men’s Aquatic Fragrances to Wear in 2015

WATER WONDER. To adventurous types, the ocean is all about sailing and water sports, while to urbanites, the ocean is perhaps more about freshness and vitality. Regardless of which category you fall into, we’ve listed five of the best aquatic fragrances to wear during the colder weather

Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale

Aquatic Fragrances Featured Image DA MAN

With Acqua Essenziale, Salvatore Ferragamo brings a modest allure to the table. It even has former DA MAN cover star Garrett Neff’s stamp of approval, as the face of the fragrance campaign. Charmingly engaging yet understated, the scent has fruity top notes that are bolstered by soothing geranium and lavender. Wear it to lively events and expect nothing but compliments.


Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua Official Ad Campaign

With Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua, Fendi has created an elegant and invigorating aqueous scent, contained in a virile and striking bottle. Opening with marine notes, tones of musky cedar arrive later as the scent matures. Whoever your company, they certainly wouldn’t mind you wearing this fragrance all day long.


Prada Luna Rossa Extreme

Prada Luna Rossa Official Ad Campaign

Prada explores a sensual aquatic scent palette with Luna Rossa Extreme. Aromatic flavors bursts forth to start with, before being calmed by hints of vanilla and bergamot. It’s suitable for your next intimate dinner or well-heeled cocktail party.


Hermès Epice Marine

Hermes Epice Marine Official Ad Campaign

Hermès offers a tastefully spicy fragrance to brighten up your mood with Epice Marine. A salty marine hint that is reminiscent of cumin starts thing off, before earthy and woody vetiver arrives. Even on a long walk on a blustery day, the longevity of this fragrance will show through.


Bulgari Aqva Amara

Bulgari Aqva Amara Official Ad Campaign

Despite the lack of blue hues on the packaging, Aqva Amara by Bulgari has an undeniably fresh marine accord. Starting with a twist of mandarin, the scent continues with a hint of soft orange blossom water and resinous patchouli. It’s a bold and witty choice for outdoor occasions.