The Return of Silk Boxers by Tom Ford

FASHION UNDERNEATH. At New York fashion Week Tom Ford took the opportunity to surprise the audience with his first ever foray into underwear and watches


When it comes to showcasing timepieces, brands tend to shy away from runway shows as they are unable to showcase the intricate beauty that can only be appreciated from up close. But for Tom Ford, presenting his latest collection of watches had to be done with a bang, and what better way to do so then by presenting the new timepieces on the runway while also promoting his latest line of silk boxers. Although the end result had more people discussing the unexpected preview of men in underwear than the watches, but it did put the man and his brand at the forefront of many fashion reviewers.


The main reason as to why the collection was a big surprise to many was the fact that after a collection of fully dressed men taking to the runway in Tom Ford’s latest collection ranging from perfectly tailored suits to the brand’s growing assortment of elegant sportswear, the presentation was closed in a way that left many at awe. As for the underwear collection at hand, the models that took to the runway were only sporting boxers and a watch, which instantly grabbed everyone’s attention. The silk boxers that were presented came in an array of metallic prints from zebra, tiger, and snakeskin to nude.

Although the watches didn’t make as big of an impact as the underwear, they are sure to be on many Tom Ford fans shopping list come this June when the whole collection will be able for purchase. So, when summer comes around, you can hang out at home in style wearing your Tom Ford silk boxers.