Styling and Maintaining Men’s Hair – Top Tips to Remember

A collection of easy-to-follow and practical hair styling tips to help you look slick and presentable

You can actually tell a lot about somebody’s personality from their hairstyle: whether they’re conservative, edgy, casual, etc. That being said, it all boils down to picking a style that fits you well and makes you feel good about yourself. To help you maintain your style and keep it in good shape for your day-to-day adventures, here are our top easy-to-apply hair styling tips for your perusal…

Get the right haircut and product

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to find a cut that suits your face shape and the right product to complement your hairstyle. Pastes and clays, for instance, are better for that messy, casual look. Gels, meanwhile, are better suited for slick hair.  

But first, you’ll also need to figure out what kind of face shape you have. Start by pulling back your hair and pay attention to the length and width of your facial features. Then, see which type best describes your features:

Oval face

Match: pompadour, crew cut, buzz cut, side part, taper fade, curly fade, short curls, slick back, casual undercut, fringe, quiff, high and low fade.

If you have a proportional, oval face, you can find many matching hairstyles in a variety of lengths. You can choose a voluminous pompadour, a longer style like a rock star, or just a buzz cut and shaved head.

Square face

Match: undercut, quiff, comb over, slick back undercut, top knot, modern pompadour, short messy wavy haircut, faux hawk (fohawk) and buzz cut.  

A square face often comes with a strong jawline. In this case, you can pick the undercut, which can maximize your distinctive features. Like the oval face shape, this face shape also can handle a significant amount of hair. A quiff works well in both classical and modern edge styles. 

Heart face

Match: textured fringe, dimensional quiff, short faux hawk, brush-up, spiky, textured crop, side part comb over, classic pompadour, crew cut with short beard. 

Anyone with a heart-shaped face should balance out the bottom part of the face. Keep your hair proportionate to your features, and make sure your chin doesn’t appear too narrow. A textured fringe or dimensional quiff will work nicely for this kind of face. 

Round face

Match: modern quiff, textured top, classic pompadour, quiff, faux hawk, side part, curtain hairstyle, two-block, jagged spikes, long french crop, swept back with taper fade, buzz cut, tousled top, man bun and polished french crop. 

If you have a round face, you need a hairstyle that creates angles, and gives you the shape and dimension you naturally lack. You can try a hairstyle with longer proportions and shorter sides like pompadour or quiff. These could give your face a more distinctive and, at the same time, mature look.

Oblong face

Match: man bun, messy wavy, short length curls, quiff, short wavy, fringe and buzz cut. 

Make sure you are not choosing a hairstyle that makes your face appear longer than it already is, like a pompadour. Instead, a man bun or slicked-back haircut will provide better balance. When styling your hair, ensure that everything looks neat, as you will not want to add too much volume. Lightweight pomades will keep your hair looking sharp throughout the day without adding height to your face

Close up portrait of a young half naked man surrounded by water drops washing his face isolated over gray background

Don’t over-wash and manage your hair volume

Wash your hair with shampoo once every two or three days. Your hair can’t replenish its natural oils quickly enough if we are wash it every day. Instead of being clean, the hair will instead become dry and stiff. To complete your hair’s fresh and healthy look, you can add volume with a blow dryer and comb. Make sure you pick the right comb for your hair type.  

Also, don’t forget about dry shampoo, which can help absorb the grease in your hair and on your scalp. It is especially useful when you’re traveling and don’t have enough time to properly wash your hair. 

 Maintaining a neat cut is essential

Grooming is all about maintenance. One easy way to do this is by keeping your hairstyle in good shape with an electric razor. It can help you clean up the edges of your hairline. After a while, your hair will regrow and require another haircut. But when you maintain it yourself, you can end up saving a lot of time and money.