Scent: Q&A With Co-Founders of M. Micallef Avant Garde

A PERSONAL TOUCH. Wish you could find a perfume brand that would listen to you? Doing just that is niche French perfumerie M. Micallef, who recently celebrated the launch of their fragrances in Indonesia

M Micallef DAMAN Scent

For though big brands with major advertising campaigns may generate a lot of buzz, there is certainly something to be said for a more personal approach to perfume. Formulated under the watchful eye of master atelier Jean Claude Astier, fragrance Avant Garde is one of their most popular, utilizing intense notes of cocoa bean, tobacco and incense to profound effect. “You will either love it or hate it!” enthuses company nose and co-founder Geoffrey Nejman, aptly illustrating the subjective artistry involved in niche perfume making. The brand was formed in Grasse, a location in the south of France still widely regarded as the perfume capital of the world. This is where the company workshop remains, ensuring that the spirit of M. Micallef remains alive and well.


Q&A with Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman, co-founders of M. Micallef

Martine-Micallef,-Geoffrey-Nejman M. Micallef Co-Founders DA MAN Q&A

DA MAN: What exactly is a niche perfume?
Geoffrey Nejman: The concept of a “niche perfume” is relatively new as it has only been around 15 years or so. It revolves around precious, high-quality perfume that is of limited quantity, which therefore grants it exclusivity.

DA: What sets M. Micallef apart from other perfume brands?
Martine Micallef: Apart from the quality of ingredients, customers who buy our fragrances can have their bottles specially customized in store, or they can even request completely unique bottles to be designed for them from scratch. We also pay attention to trends, such as the growing popularity of Swarovski crystals which we have now incorporated into our designs.

DA: Martine, what is your source of inspiration for the bottle design?
MM: I am a sculptor and a painter so I take inspiration from everywhere. However, Geoffrey and I live by the coast so many of my designs are inspired by the sea.