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PHILOSOPHY OF THE BREW. To be fair, it’s only natural that “Filosofi Kopi” star Rio Dewanto is into coffee. But the depth of this passion can be quite surprising


Outfit by Lanvin

“I’ve even produced a program for a local TV station featuring interviews with coffee growers, sellers and just about anyone involved in the coffee industry,” the actor enthused. “I’ve also established an online platform called”

Of course, this is a passion shared by many fans of the film, so we asked him why that might be so. “When we first worked on ‘Filosofi Kopi,’ there was a new marketing plan that allowed people to engage with the brand through online platforms,” Dewanto explains. “People could click on ideas for the movie, they could select the look of the movie … so, there was engagement with the audience.” And, of course, the actual Filosofi Kopi coffee shop also materialized and drew in even more fans.

“Looking forward, the business model we’re looking into is franchising for the coffee shop,” Dewanto went on. “And then the sequel will come out in July.” The conversation then continued to supplying coffee beans for hotels, merchandising and establishing a “Filosofi Kopi” fashion line. It would seem that the coffee business bug has bitten someone a bit extra hard.

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