Revisit 10 Great Men For 10th Anniversary

THE WORLD’S A STAGE. The past couple of years have been good to Reza Rahadian


Outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna

Besides major roles in several high-profile movies, the actor also won his fourth Piala Citra award, and was entrusted to handle the creative side of 2016’s Indonesian Film Festival. On the flip side, he has given back a lot through his involvement with the UNDP’s Bring Water for Life! initiative and the YAPPIKA-Action Aid collaboration for education.

2017, however, looks to be totally different. “I’m entering a new world,” Rahadian offers. “Well, not exactly ‘new,’ though, as this is a world I’ve been in before, which is the stage.” In other words, he’s moving back to theater. “I’m taking a break from the movie industry for a while,” he declares. Then, with a huge grin on his face, he adds: “This is not to the avoid the opinion that Indonesian films are full of Reza Rahadian—cause that’s not my problem at all.”

“It’s a year of contemplating,” Rahadian turns serious again. “So, this year, from January to July, I’m relearning the art of acting and refilling my soul, mind and heart. Then I’ll be willing to do films again.” For sure, a new and improved Reza Rahadian would definitely add a new dimension to Indonesian filmmaking.

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