Revisit 10 Great Men For 10th Anniversary

SPRINGING INTO ACTION. Last time we met Chicco Jerikho, it was 2015, in his unfinished coffee shop during the height of the monsoon. This time the venue was much drier, and the actor much happier


Outfit by Canali

“The year 2017 is very special for me,” he says, “because this will mark a new chapter.”

For one, he has just finished promoting “Bukaan 8,” a film that he starred in and produced, and he’s now preparing to campaign for the upcoming “Filosofi Kopi 2,” the sequel to 2015’s uber-popular movie about, well, coffee and coffee shops. For this new movie, Jerikho et al. will explore Indonesia’s coffee culture down to the actual farmers. And they’re also preparing a unique multi-platform approach which includes a prequel series. “The prequels will air on YouTube, and then tie in to the first ‘Filosofi Kopi,’” the actor-slash-producer-slash-entrepreneur explains. “We’ll also create a radio play, and after that a comic series.”

All that being said, Jerikho appeared to really light up while talking about the one upcoming film project that he can’t discuss in detail yet. “I got a role in an action movie,” he said with a grin, “I’ll be shooting at the end of the year, and I’m now already preparing myself.” Now that would definitely be a movie worth waiting for.

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