Revisit 10 Great Men For 10th Anniversary

DAMN! I’M HANDSOME. Daniel Mananta clearly remember his first photo shoot with DA MAN. “To be honest,” the ex-MTV VJ began, “that was my most uncomfortable shoot”


Outfit by Canali

He recalled how impressed he was with the reputation of the photographer at the time, he also remarked how it was hot and that his wardrobe consisted of pieces he’s never worn before. And he couldn’t smile.

“My image has always been that of a cheerful and energetic person,” Mananta continues. “At that time, you’d never see me with a serious face. But every time I smiled, the photographer would say, ‘Stop it!’”

He first saw the final photo on a billboard, “and I have to be honest,” he went on, “that was the best picture I’ve ever been featured in. That serious look? I still use it today. If ‘Zoolander’ has the Magnum Look, I call this the DA MAN look.”

As for the future? Well, Mananta is currently preparing to produce his second movie. Alas, for now we have to contend with the line “it’s still confidential, so just look forward to it.”

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