Revisit 10 Great Men For 10th Anniversary

MILLENIAL WRANGLER. It’s been quite a while since Christian Sugiono graced the pages of DA MAN, and it’s also been quite a while (albeit not as long) since he was seen on the big screen or TV


Outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna

And there’s a good reason for this. “For the last three to four years, I’ve been focusing on my digital media business,” he begins. “It’s an online media startup, there’s a digital agency and a production house too.”

The venture started back in 2011, when digital platforms like YouTube were also just starting to ramp up their reach. “The millennial audience is our primary concern in terms of reach,” Sugiono continues, pointing out that this is basically the first generation to become native citizens of a truly digital world.

Will acting still play a role in his future, though? “I don’t have any sinetrons planned, but I might shoot some later on,” the artist confesses. “No films as well, but I do quite a few commercials.” Then he adds: “And I also have to be more focused, as I just had a child.” His smile when he said that last bit about becoming a father was subtle, but it certainly stood out.

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