Ralph Lauren Is Officially Inter-Miami CF’s Bespoke Suit Partner

As a co-owner of the recently formed Inter-Miami CF, looks like David Beckham has other plans in mind when it comes to developing the football club. It was announced that Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label will be the club’s official bespoke suit partner.

Football formal wear is a thing, and David Beckham is taking his love for suits into the development of his co-owned Inter-Miami CF football club. After recently spotted wearing a Tudor Pelagos custom made for Inter Miami CF, what David has next in store next was having Ralph Lauren’s top-shelf Purple Label tailoring department to make five custom suits for each of the Inter Miami co-owners.

“Being an Englishman, we’re very into our elegant suits,” Lauren explained in a statement. “I’ve spent quite a lot of time over the years, even when I was young, on Savile Row, because my granddad was always into tailoring, so to have a Made to Measure suit by Ralph is a dream for me.”

The bespoke suits that Ralph Lauren’s Purple Lable has custom-fitted to each recipient feature Italian wool gabardine alongside custom-woven silk neckties and a variety of thematic details. These notable details include Inter Miami patches on the chest pockets and a club logo on the tip of the tie, utilizing the club’s colors for its palette: black, pink and white.