Presenting Our DAMAN June/July 2019 Issue

Your favorite men’s lifestyle magazine’s latest issue for June/July 2019 have hit the  newsstands – featuring the star of Disney’s brand new sensation, “Aladdin”, the title character himself, Mena Massoud on the cover.

Mena Massoud on the cover; outfit by Prada

A message from our Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief Ronald Liem

Every May, while preparing DAMAN’s June/July issue, I will always set aside a day or two to go over the photos taken during the year’s DAMAN Party. In this case, the twelfth. I always find it an uplifting experience to relive the event from a fresh perspective. It’s also uplifting to see a new format—a new tradition, if you will—really taking root and becoming a celebrated part of the magazine.

I am talking, of course, about the Awards portion of the DAMAN Party experience. Introduced last year, it proved to be quite popular among guests and fans of the magazine. Award ceremonies are always exciting, but being able to be the one to say to an artist, “Hey, your work has really inspired a lot of people and we want to thank you for that” feels great. DAMAN has always celebrated talented people—and being able to take it a step further is a true privilege.

Of course, we also have a range of new talents—new to the magazine, at least—that we want to highlight in this issue. There’s Mike Moh, for one, who is set to take up the mantle of Bruce Lee in the upcoming “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” We also have Mena Massoud, star of the upcoming liveaction adaptation of Disney’s “Aladdin.” It goes without saying that these two have quite a lot of interesting stories to share. The same goes for Jack Quaid along with local stars Arifin Putra and Jessica Iskandar.

So, as always, I invite you to cruise through the pages of this issue, and hopefully, you will find stories that will inspire and entertain. Happy reading.

What’s Inside the April/May 2019 Issue


The Pretender – Up-and-coming actor Mena Massoud shares his acting journey with DAMAN and the story behind his biggest role yet
Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

A Journey Into The Past And Future – Arifin Putra talks about his journey into showbiz, the industry and also his upcoming projects
Photography Andre Wiredja

The Woman Who Takes It All – Jessica Iskandar talks about her business ventures, the TV industry and shares a special message for her son
Photography Hariono Halim

Challenge Accepted – Mike Moh chats with DAMAN about acting and how his mad skills landed him the role of his childhood hero
Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

What’s In A Name – Making his own name, Jack Quaid chats with DAMAN about his latest film projects and his love for acting
Photography Mitchell Nguyen McCormack


Let’s Get Lost – Getting lost in the streets of Bangkok with Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall Winter 2019 Pre-Collection never felt more alive
Photography Vicky Tanzil

Sunset Chasers
Bask in the sun, just moments before it sets on the horizon. This is what summer is all about
Photography Ronald Liem