Essentials: 5 styles to emulate from TV’s notable characters

For the sartorially confused, look no further than the characters in your TV set for five steal-worthy styles.


1. Dr. Austin Langham in “Masters of Sex”


Vintage style aficionados might admire Don Draper’s polished ensembles in “Mad Men.” Yet, a frontrunner in the retro style department has emerged in the form of Dr. Austin Langham, in timeless tweed suits and pocket squares.

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2. Daniel Grayson in “Revenge”


A nice guy-turned-ruthless villain, Daniel Grayson’s Hamptons-chic style in is the right blend of business conservative and playtime casual.

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3. Blaine Anderson in “Glee”


Lending a schoolboy charm to the hit series with a meticulously tailored uniform and sheepish adolescent smile is Blaine Anderson from “Glee.” Take a cue from the boy next door and sport quirky-patterned bowties to show off your personality.

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4. Mike Weston in “The Following”


Mike Weston might at first seem like the unassuming nice guy in T-shirt and jeans, but little details like a dog tag army chain and a worn leather jacket allude to the impression that he’s not one to be messed with.

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5. Fitzgerald Grant in “Scandal”


Buttoned-up, structured and ultra-polished, there’s no room for style mistake in Fitzgerald Grant’s wardrobe of immaculate suits and dress shoes.

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