Runway: 5 Fall Runway Must-Haves

Fall is kicking into a high gear, which means it’s time to shift your style accordingly. To assist you in this colder weather, we’ve rounded up some fall 2014 essentials straight from the runway.


  1. Patterned Sweatshirts

Lacoste fall '14 sweatshirt


Dolce & Gabbana fall '14 sweatshirt

Dolce & Gabbana

Sweatshirts could be the most versatile item in men’s wardrobes right now. They provide enough warmth to your upper body and protect you from the elements in general. The on-trend upper wear can also be worn itself, or layered over your shirt—and if you want to mimic the catwalks, pair your patterned sweatshirt with a solid-colored shirt underneath.


  1. Mid-Washed Denim

Phillip Lim fall '14 Mid-Washed Denim

3.1 Phillip Lim

Dsquared2 fall '14 Mid-Washed Denim


The runway has made numerous changes to the appearance of denim these past few years. This fall, though, the trend moves toward mid-washed and darker tones. Mid-washed denim shirts or jackets can be utilized as your outer layer, giving a chic and practical look. While the runway showcases a number of different stitching details, we find that when choosing your denim, it’s usually best to keep it simple.


  1. Loose Pants

Givenchy fall '14 loose pants


Calvin Klein Collection fall '14 loose pants

Calvin Klein Collection

Loose pants are officially coming back onto the scene. In the right material and proportions, they look dashing while also being easy on your legs. Of course, the word “loose” here refers to an engineered looseness that maintains the natural silhouette, not sloppy-looking or distorted baggy examples. When wearing this comfy fall apparel, remember to match them with a top of similar proportions for a fluid look.


  1. Lace-Up Ankle Boots

Hermes fall '14 lace-up ankle boots


Bottega Veneta fall '14 lace-up ankle boots

Bottega Veneta

A pair of neutral-colored ankle boots is a fine embodiment of the less-is-more approach in the footwear department. If you are mobile and seeking robust comfort, such a boot is undoubtedly right for you. To add some attitude to your fall outfit, choose the lace-up varieties that also ensure the best fit.


  1. Clutch

Lanvin fall '14 clutch


Valentino fall '14 clutch


Apparently, the clutch trend is set to continue. Essentially a handle-less handbag, the clutch is versatile in terms of function, while also looking nifty in every possible way. You can fit your smartphone, wallet, car keys, tablet and even a hip flask in there, without having to lug round a huge shoulder bag. No more bulging pockets this season, the clutch is the answer.