Omega Launches Unique Pop-Up Store in Paris

STRAPPING IDEA. Omega has just launched a unique pop-up store that focuses on offering its line of NATO straps and a whole new interactive experience of purchasing them

Presley Gerber in front of the Omega “pop-up” boutique in Paris

Take a walk down Rue Debelleyme in the bustling yet fashionable Marais district of Paris, and you will come across an Omega store unlike any other. Although the brand is most recognized for offering some of the best timepieces, this pop-up store offers something totally different that isn’t watches, but watch related. The store features a spectacular moving display of Omega NATO straps, showing you exactly what is on offer. Everything may seem in order, that is, until you try to find the door to the store, as there isn’t one. Instead of a door, the boutique provides a digital screen, allowing customers to scroll through the many different options that are available for their watch. From this screen, customers can choose their desired strap then pay for it via their phone and have their new strap delivered straight to their front door. A unique way of utilizing technology to reach your customers while also giving them a whole new experience to purchasing their products.

The door-less NATO strap boutique by Omega

As one of Omega’s newest ambassadors, Presley Gerber was in Paris to launch the pop-up boutique as well as present the exclusive “Presley Gerber” NATO strap which, as the name applies was developed by the young model. The black denim and leather strap includes a stainless steel buckle and features the word “Presley” embossed on the underside.

The NATO Strap “Pop-Up Boutique” will be open for the next six months, so if you happen to be in Paris and think your Omega timepiece could do with a NATO strap upgrade, head over to experience a whole new way to order it.

The display window at Omega’s “Pop-up” boutique