Nash Grier Proves He’s No Laughing Matter

HEAT OF THE STREET. The Internet led Nash Grier to fame and his wits have kept him there. DA MAN sits down and chats with the 18-year-old idol as he shows off his fashionable side

Tank top by Dusty, shirt by Frenn

DA MAN: This being your first time in Australia, have you learned any Aussie slang yet?
Nash Grier: Some! But it’s just not the same without the accent though.

DA MAN: On tour, with these long flights and drives how do you like to pass the time?
Nash Grier: Writing, reading, sleeping & watching films.

Jacket by Frenn, T-shirt by Bond

DA MAN: Back to back, show after show, what motivates you to keep performing?
Nash Grier: There is nothing like meeting people who support you & creating an experience for them and yourself to remember/cherish.

DA MAN: What’s been the hardest part about touring thus far?
Nash Grier: Sleep, Food, Sickness. Sleeping is much harder but you make the most of cars, planes & the green room etc. I’ve been vegan for a little over a year & when you’re on the move every day you never know where your food is coming from (unless it’s all pre ordered). In South America this was especially hard, I lost a lot of weight & felt very weak. If you do two of these things wrong combined with meeting so many people – getting sick becomes very likely.

Boxer by Calvin Klein, vest from Home Depo, sneakers by Nike

DA MAN: And the best part?
Nash Grier: The best part is exploring new places, learning new things, meeting new people & pushing your boundaries.

DA MAN: You’ve talked about delving into longer form filmmaking; whether it’s behind or in front of the camera, what’s one film you wish you were a part of?
Nash Grier: There’s too many to name. The best pictures/stories make me feel as if I am a part of the movie.

Jacket, T-shirt and necklace by Guess

Jacket by Guess

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