Music: Recommended Downtown Beats

DOWNTOWN BEATS. Here are a list of recommended music in February and March 2015 to listen to


Mark Ronson


The British DJ is ushering in a classical mix of ‘80s punk/R&B classic mix with his fourth album. Having shot to fame after producing the late Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” record, Ronson is nowadays known not only for his eclectic taste of music but also for the people he collaborates with. The lead single “Uptown Funk” features Bruno Mars belting his groovy vocals to the accompaniment of clashing cymbals and upbeat trumpet blows. Another song deserving equal attention would be “Daffodils,” which synthetizes Kevin Parker’s hypnotic voice to the beat of ‘80s disco thumps. Even rapping gets ripped and sexed up quite a bit, ‘80s punk style, as shown in “Feel Right” which touts the lyrical talent of none other than New Orleans rapper Mystikal.

Charli XCX


Another 22-year-old making big waves in the music scene is British chanteuse Charli XCX. Her first big break in songwriting came with the song “I Love It,” which was popularized by Swedish DJ Duo Icona Pop. Then came “Fancy” with Iggy Azalea, and did XCX strike while the iron is hot. Her solo single “Boom Clap” got featured in the popular drama film “The Fault in Our Stars,” while “Break the Rules” was quickly adopted by school kids as their informal anthem by way of its infamous lyrics, particularly: “I don’t wanna go to school/ I just wanna break the rules.”

Nick Jonas


The youngest of the Jonas Brothers has been trying his best to steal the spotlight. From risqué photo shoots to stripping down on TV, he is certainly making the most of his youth. His single “Jealous” is, indeed, biting on a first listen, but other songs like “Teacher” and “Take Over” rely on sharp beats and editing. But what Nick Jonas lacks in vocals, he makes up for with his sexy appeal.

Meghan Trainor


The definition of pop has always been rather loose, and yet another to stretch those boundaries is singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor. Her debut album “Title” is sassy and fun, taking in bits of influence from Caribbean and hip-hop rhythms, among others. Two of her ear-catching numbers are “All About That Bass” and “Lips are Movin,” but Trainor goes back to her country roots in “Title.” All in all, it’s worth playing when you’re driving around.

David Guetta


One album that no partygoer should miss out on, “Listen,” is David Guetta’s sixth and most personal record so far. It’s said that the songs reflect on his divorce last year. The eponymous track “Listen,” sung by John Legend, seems to resonate well with such an unfortunate personal affair. But David Guetta being David Guetta, the album pumps it hard with vocal heavyweights including Nicki MinajRyan Tedder, Sia and Sam Martin.