Model-Slash-Pilot Dan Murphy Talks to DA MAN Style FW16

FLYING HIGH. The unordinary life of Dan Murphy is definitely an enviable one. From growing up in Asia to flying airplanes, this model-cum-pilot shares it all with Chris Andre


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The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” can sound outdated these days what with the ubiquitousness of tell-all Instagram accounts. As you browse through Dan Murphy’s (@danmurphymodel), however briefly, you’ll definitely get an inkling of what an extraordinary life he’s led—and one that’s often spent with a champagne bottle on hand.

But up close and personal, this 30-year-old turns out to be the real deal. Despite his physical perfection, Murphy never seems to boast about all the achievements he has under the belt. His decade-long of modeling career is marked with great moments, from shooting with Bruce Weber and posing alongside Kate Moss to working with major fashion houses—Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti and Barbour to name some. Off-camera, he is a certified pilot who can fly you on private planes—and he’ll soon be certified to teach you how it’s done.

His strong determination to make progress, as exhibited through well-curated quotes posted on his Instagram account, is part of what makes him captain of his own life. And from this particular shoot in Bali, this captain obviously knows how to fly high with or without a uniform. In fact, he appears to blend in just fine in the Island of the Gods clad in the fine sartorial creations from some of the most celebrated labels and fashion designers from Indonesia.


Chris Andre: Hi Dan, how is it going?
Dan Murphy:
It’s been a really nice experience so far. It’s actually my first time visiting Indonesia.

Chris Andre: But you grew up in Asia, right?
Dan Murphy: I did. My family was a group of expats, so my dad worked in Hong Kong and we just traveled with him. I lived in Hong Kong for six years—my family ended up staying there for probably 15 years—and eventually I went off to a boarding school in the U.S. That’s the only reason I left; I loved it here. I’ve seen some parts of Southeast Asia as well. Last year I spent two months in Singapore. I’ve also spent time for work in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka on separate occasions.

Chris Andre: How often do you travel for work?
Dan Murphy: Every other week I’m on an airplane.

Chris Andre: Where is your secret hideaway then?
Dan Murphy: Home. [Laughs] You know, that’s the funny thing. A lot of people want to travel, but when you travel that much, sometimes it’s nice to be at home, spend time with friends and catch up with the family. Ironic. But if it wasn’t home … My family has a house in Florida, they’re retired there. It’s a very quiet small town but close to the beach, so that’s always a nice little escape.

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