Model John Halls Talks His Journey from Arsenal to Armani

FIELD TO RUNWAY. DA MAN catches up with pro soccer player-turned-model John Halls and chats about his journey in one of the most glamorous jobs on the planet


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Professional athletes, as it turns out, make for good model material. Maybe it’s due to the discipline forged through years of training, or maybe it’s simply being used to stay focused on the job even as thousands watch on. Of course, having a solid physique sculpted through the aforementioned years of training certainly helps. And more often than not, there’s an intriguing story behind the journey from field to runway. Case in point: John Halls.

We first had the chance to chat with Halls for the spring/summer ’15 issue of DA MAN Style, where he talked about his career-ending injury, how he coped with it and about his transformation into a full-fledged model. Now, nearly two years afterwards, the British model’s back in the magazine with more stories about himself, the industry he works for and the day-today realities of being a top-of-the-line male model.

DA MAN: Hi, John. Great to have you with us again. How have you been?
John Halls: Hey, how you doing? I’m good, thank you. Thanks for having me back!

DA MAN: The last time we caught up with you was in early 2015. So, can you tells us what have you been up to for these past two years?
John Halls: I’ve been lucky enough to sign two contracts with the amazing people over at next directory, so they’ve kept me busy. It’s been a great two years with them traveling to incredible places around the world. Walking the runway for Armani is always a standout moment for me too.

DA MAN: Can you give us a brief rundown of your soccer career for our readers who might have missed our previous interview with you?
John Halls: Wow, it seems so long ago now! Okay, so, I was at the team I grew up  supporting, Arsenal, from the age of 11 and stayed until I was 21 … I think! From there I went on to play for Stoke City and Reading Football Club, but was unlucky to have to retire through injury at the age of 30.

DA MAN: Do you still remember what it was like during your first couple of modeling gigs?
John Halls: I started modeling just after retiring from football, and in the beginning I just rolled with it. I wasn’t thinking too much about it at all. I do remember one of my first jobs was quite funny though: imagine me in a lovely suit, but with a huge Lego head on! It was a sweaty day …

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