Longines Brings Sexy Vintage Watch Back From 1969

AHEAD OF THE CURVE. The 1960s often becomes a source of inspiration for many, as the decade leaned heavily—design-wise, that is—toward geometrical and optical illusions


The Heritage 1969 watch from Longines is one prime example, and it comes with a watchcase and dial that make for an intriguing proposition. The curvy cushion shape of the former measures 36mm x 36mm and accentuates the vintage-looking square-ish dial. Pink gold indexes and hands spruce up the otherwise plain stainless steel ticker, and the oddly positioned date display at 4.30—which remains the same as the original design from the 1960s—is a strong attention grabber. It may not suit the tastes of the masses, but the Heritage 1969 sure is ahead of the curve in terms of watchcases.

The original watch from 1969