Know-how: No Sleeves Attached

NO SLEEVES ATTACHED. A vest always makes a statement and is a token reminder that some people like to dress well


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Vest by Ted Baker, shirt and tie by Thomas Pink, trousers by Brooks Brothers, bag by Dunhill London, shoes by Tod’s, coat by Paul Smith; Vest by Ted Baker, sweater and trousers by Emporio Armani. bracelet by John Hardy, shoes by Tod’s; Vest by Ted Baker, shirt and suspender by Thomas Pink, bow tie by Paul Smith, trousers by Brooks Brothers, shoes by Hugo Boss



At the office or for a date somewhere posh, wear the vest with a dark-colored shirt, matching trousers and stylish leather shoes.



Let the vest stand out over your usual sweater, along with jogger pants and leather boots.



Elevate a simple vest by pairing it with chinos and a perfectly-cut white shirt. Complete the look with a black bow silk tie, suspenders and a pair of dressy shoes.



  • Good Vest, Good Fit
    A well-fitted vest is longenough in the front to cover your waist.
  • Matching Color
    it’s usually expected that the color of your vest matches that of your suit jacket for that extra touch of formality.
  • Vest and Jeans
    if you want to try something more casual with your vest, you can try pairing your vest with some jeans.



  • Tighten Your Belt
    in fact, skip the belt when wearing a vest to avoid creating a bulky and crowded look.
  • Wear it Like a Waiter
    A dark vest with a white shirt has always been a major fashion faux pas.
  • Wear a Big Shirt Underneath
    Your shirt should not be billowing out of the sides of the vest.




Alexander McQueen, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci


Vests, otherwise known as waistcoats, transcend occasions and dress codes with ease, yet still offer room to experiment with layering.


Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Triska Putri
Styling Assistant Jay Robert Davies
Grooming Kenshie Lie
Models Renan Corbani/ Image Management, Jonathan Felix/Gustav Model Management and Ravi Goswami/21MM Model Management
Videography Dimas Anggakara and Fickar Hajar