Homewears: Some Indoor Looks for the Rainy Season

Window Dressing – A shortlist of ‘homewears’ that makes staying-in more comfortable in the rainy season

Shirt by Raga Man, pants by Federation
Hoodie by Mitchell Evan
Shirt by Raga Man. belt by The Gap, jeans by Guess Jeans
T-shirt by Uneek Collection, jeans by Slate Denim
Sweater by A. Tiziano, jogging pants by Mitchell Evan
T-shirt by A. Tiziano
T-shirt by Mitchell Evan
T-shirt by Uneek Collection
T-shirt by Uneek Collection, pants by Federation
Jacket by Federation, T-shirt by Uneek Collection

Photography Whiskey
Styling Courtney Leday
Grooming Amanda Tralle
Model Kendall