Gadget: Sony Vaio

WINNING ELEVEN. Dubbed the world’s thinnest tablet running on Windows 8, Sony’s Vaio Tap 11 is the answer for those looking for a portable PC.

The 9.9mm slimness doesn’t compromise the technology within. The fourth generation of Intel Core processor ensures longer battery life, and the audio and visual qualities are of Sony’s finest—including the display that’s on par with Bravia TVs. Better yet, any purchase of the tablet comprises a stylus pen and a detachable keyboard, which alternatively serves as the tablet’s protective cover. Businessmen will be thrilled to find the Vaio’s Inspiration Suite software catering to office utilities, from note-taking to sketching to taking pictures. You might otherwise leave those peripheral facilities at home and carry only the tablet with you on a holiday break—perfect for some casual reading under a coconut tree.