DA MAN Fashion Spread: The White Out

Pure white can be generated by such things as electric incandescence and the sun. Because white is at the extreme end of the visual spectrum (both hue and shade), and because white is seen as clouds, fresh snow and a variety of coveted flowers, it has grown a reputation with plenty of symbolism. But for our purposes, it’s just fab for the end of the spring-summer season, casually making an awe-inspiring fashion statement.


 Jacket from Guess by Marciano, trousers by Custo Barcelona, shoes by Gucci

Shirt by Louis Vuitton, blazer by Dsquared

Suit by Giorgio Armani, belt by Gucci

Shirt by Hugo Boss, trousers by Carlos Diez

Blazer by Dior Homme, shirt by Calvin Klein

 Photographs: Jordi Blancafort

Styling: Gerard Angulo