Exclusive Online Feature: Jake McDorman

THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. Jake McDorman spills the beans to DA MAN on what to expect on the next season of “Shameless” and the upcoming horror flick, “The Operator.”

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 Best known from the TV series “Greek” as the perpetually wasted president of a fraternity, Jake McDorman is one to watch on screen. With a depth and diverse range of acting, he continues to select roles that lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. From complex characters such as the serial killer who shops for his prey online in “The Craigslist Killer,” to amiable roles like the mild-natured supervisor in “Shameless,” it’s pretty much impossible to guess what’s next for the versatile actor.

DA MAN: Hi Jake, how are you? Can you tell us what you’re working on now?
Jake McDorman: Staying warm. We’ve been in Chicago shooting “Shameless” this past week, and it’s been very, very cold. It snowed on our first day. I’ve lived in LA for too long now. My blood’s too thin.

DA: You made your first appearance on the dark comedy series “Shameless” in season three. How did this project come about?
JM: It all happened pretty quickly. I had an audition for an independent film that John Levey was casting. I didn’t end up getting the role in the indie, but he thought I could be right for this role on “Shameless.” So he brought me in, I read for the producers, I got called back to read with Emmy [Rossum], and a few days later I was on set with everyone.

DA: What was it like working with such a great cast, like William H. Macy and Joan Cusack?
JM: Anytime you’re lucky enough to work with actors of that caliber you know you’re going to come out better than you were when you went in. That goes for working with everyone on the cast. You’re in the right place when you’re surrounded by an ensemble this strong. And everyone is in such good hands.

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DA: How do you prepare to immerse yourself in the weird world of “Shameless”?
JM: Mike is somewhat removed from the more shameless aspects of “Shameless.” Inevitably, the closer he gets to Fiona, the more that world will reveal itself, but it’s interesting to watch her try to keep up appearances as best she can. Mike’s not only her new boyfriend, he’s also her boss. So I think Fiona tries to protect him from it in a way.

DA: How similar are you to your character, Mike Pratt?
JM: On paper we have very few similarities. Mike holds down a 9-to-5 job working for the family business, never lived outside of Chicago, and he’s been through a marriage that didn’t work out. My life couldn’t be more the opposite, but I’d like to think that our sensibilities are similar. Mike is a genuine person. He has no hidden agenda or ulterior motive for anything. I like that about him.

DA: How will your character evolve from season three to season four? What should we expect from the next season? 
JM: By the end of season three Fiona has set herself up for somewhat of a normal life. She has a job with benefits, and Mike is obviously a more stable boyfriend that she’s had maybe ever, but they do come from completely different worlds. Mike’s mid-western family values are just as foreign to Fiona as the Gallagher lifestyle is to Mike. So you’ll get to see that unfold through season four.

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“Anytime you’re lucky enough to work with actors of that caliber you know you’re going to come out better than you were when you went in.”

DA: Tell us about your role in the upcoming horror flick, “The Operator”.
JM: It’s a found-footage movie about a local news crew that goes missing after investigating a family that reportedly went missing.

DA: Have you had paranormal experiences yourself?
JM: No. I don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal. As cool as it is, science is just way cooler. And scarier. Science can be horrifying.

DA: What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?
JM: I’m a fan of the lazy Sunday. Or a very active one, like a hiking Sunday. It’s one extreme or the other. Reclined or inclined.

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“Being with people I love, I could be happy just about anywhere.”

DA: If you could only choose one, what is your favorite food?
JM: Impossible. I’m a foodie. I need access to the whole pyramid at all times.

DA: What is your favorite place in the world?
JM: There are so many places I haven’t been, but being with people I love, I could be happy just about anywhere.

DA: Describe yourself in five words.
JM: It Can Not Be Done.


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