Limited Edition Collections for Mr. Porter

TO MISTER WITH LOVE. Male fashion retail portal Mr. Porter is dominating the spring/summer 2017 season with a slew of limited edition collaborative capsule collections

A sneak peek from the upcoming Gucci x Mr. Porter capsule collection

Crossover fashion collaborations have been the up-and-coming trend in recent years, with many luxury brands lending their keen eye for design with various brands. Often the result is a rare, must-have capsule collection that captures the fashion crowd’s attention. The latest crossover collaboration that has many fashion-enthusiasts talking and impatiently anticipating the release dates is the one between a number of high-end brands with men’s fashion retail portal Mr. Porter. Some of the brands that have released a limited edition capsule collections on this season include Lanvin, COS and most recently Gucci, set to be released this May 18.

The online retail store dedicated to men’s fashion is no stranger for the fashion-conscious netizens, offering great deals on big-name fashion brands and providing fashion tips to help the less stylish. Featuring over 300 of the world’s leading brands in male fashion, with collections updated on a weekly basis, plus a free return or exchange policy helps consumers find the perfect fit and style that they seek. It’s no wonder Mr. Porter has become the go-to resource for the fashion-savvy.

The recently announced limited edition capsule collection by Gucci will consist of 43 pieces featuring everything from formal suits to urban-inspired sportswear available in a kaleidoscope of colors. Gucci’s signature motifs from the bee to the tiger are sure to make their way into the collection, as well as some newer additions like the skeleton and the cat. One thing set to make this collection highly sought-after is the yellow Gucci label found on each of the pieces.

Keep your eyes peeled for more highly anticipated collaborative collections from Mr. Porter this season.