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LIVING THE DREAM. Actor Josh Dallas made his own way to the top but remains extremely grateful for the success. He tells DA MAN why


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Having recently become a husband and a new parent, star of TV show “Once Upon a Time” Josh Dallas has a lot to be thankful for. What’s refreshing about this 32-yearold actor is that he knows this, and takes none of it for granted. When DA MAN first met with Dallas back in the middle of 2012, he had only just joined the fairytale drama series “Once Upon a Time” in which he has now become an essential fixture as the character Prince Charming. Employing clever storytelling and intriguing character developments that have audiences hooked, the show now enters a heavily anticipated fourth season. It is in this season that the complicated family life of Prince Charming and his on-screen wife Snow White (played by Ginnifer Goodwin, who also happens to be Dallas’ actual wife) comes to the fore, as the glamorous couple attempt to bring up two young children within a magical world. It is fitting that outside of the show, Dallas and Goodwin are also concentrating their energies on raising a new family and securing their own happy ending. And while he hopes to eventually return to his classical roots and get back on stage in the future, for now it would seem that Josh Dallas is very happy where he is.

DA MAN: Josh, thanks for meeting with DA MAN again. Where are you right now?
JOSH DALLAS: Hello again! I’m currently 32,000 feet in the air on a plane headed to LA from the set of “Once Upon a Time.”

DA: In the show, you’re now playing the character of Prince Charming for a fourth consecutive season. What first attracted you to the project?
JD: When the script was first sent to me, I just loved the writing and the whole idea of telling the untold stories of all these characters that we were already very familiar with. Plus, getting to play Prince Charming every day sounded pretty good to me!

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DA: Earlier this year you married your co-star and onscreen love interest Ginnifer Goodwin who plays Snow White. Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, what’s it like going to work with your wife every day?
JD: Thank you. It’s great because we have real trust in one another. There’s absolutely no fear between us when shooting a scene, which makes for a better performance in my unbiased opinion. [Laughs]

DA: How do you explain the success of the show?
It seems both guys and girls are enjoying the fairytale elements in the plot. I don’t think anyone knows why some things make a mark and why others don’t but it seems to strike a chord inside people. It deals with things that a lot of people go through. The idea of finding out who you really are. What’s my place in the world? Can I get to my happy ending? Is there a happy ending? Will I find love? The hope that strings all of those questions together is the universal theme of the show.

DA: What can viewers of the show expect to see in season four?
In a word … Frozen! This storyline between two sisters is perfect for our world and I can’t wait for people to see how Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail) mix with our characters.

DA: We understand you were classically trained as an actor in London. Was acting always your dream and how did you end up in the uk?
Yes, it was absolutely my dream from a very young age. So when I received a scholarship from my school in London that they give to one American student every three years, I jumped at the chance.

DA: Shortly after arriving back in LA, you landed the role of Fandral in the 2011 blockbuster “Thor.” How did you feel at the time?
Incredibly lucky and very grateful. It was five days after I returned to the States after living in London for 11 years. It was a very nice welcome home present!


“The big secret to life is there is no secret. Whatever the goal, hard work will get you there”


DA: Are you a comic book fan?
I wasn’t growing up but I’m getting into them now. My son is already really into Batman so I’ve been reading a lot of those comics to him.

DA: What are your thoughts on the numerous comic book movie franchises floating around in Hollywood. Is this good for the industry?
I think there’s so much of it now that it’s becoming almost too saturated for me. But, don’t get me wrong, I love some of them. I do, however, think TV is where you can find the truly outstanding storytelling at the moment.


“You’ve got to feel connected to a script somehow or you’re never going to be able to tell the story the way it needs to be told”


DA: Chris Hemsworth famously plays the role of Thor. What was it like working with him?
I didn’t know him before but it was a real pleasure working with him. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Thor. Chris is a very talented and smart guy. He had such a sense of ease when playing the part which subsequently made the character very believable. It was also great to witness Chris becoming the star that he is.

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“Becoming a parent makes you open your eyes to the world again”


DA: We noticed you didn’t reprise your role in the sequel “Thor 2: The Dark World” due to your commitment to “Once upon A Time.” Was this a disappointment?
It was a huge disappointment! I loved being part of the first one and absolutely enjoyed every aspect of the character I was playing. I was really looking forward to hanging out more with Fandral in the sequel but Zach Levi did a great job making the character his own. I’ll be forever grateful that I got to play in Asgard at least once!

DA: Do you have any exciting projects coming up at the moment?
We are only on episode seven of 22. So it’s all about “Once Upon a Time” at the moment, which suits me just fine.

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“Broadway is a dream of mine which i hope to fulfil in the not too distant future”


DA: What is your thought process when reading scripts for shows?
Does the story and the character grab me by the heart? Does it scare, move, or excite me? You’ve got to feel connected to a script somehow or you’re never going to be able to tell the story the way it needs to be told. You have try to be as honest to the character as possible, and sometimes that means letting a part go if you don’t feel like you’re going to be able to do it justice.

DA: Do you have any plans to get back on stage in the future?
No plans at the moment but I’d love to. While there are opportunities to do it in LA, Broadway is a dream of mine which I hope to fulfil in the not too distant future.

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DA: Which actors you’ve worked with have particularly inspired you?
Too many! Though I’ve never worked with him, I have to say that Paul Newman totally inspires me. Amazing man. Incredible actor.

DA: How do you take your mind off your day job?
My son.

DA: How has becoming a parent changed your life?
It makes you open your eyes to the world again. Your child is seeing and experiencing things for the first time, so you can relive things through their eyes.

DA: How do you define success?
Energy. The big secret to life is there is no secret. Whatever the goal, hard work will get you there.

DA: What would your epitaph read?
[Laughs] I don’t even want to think about that right now. There’s too much left to be done!

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