Exclusive Feature: Hamish Daud Wyllie

MAN ON A MISSION. A man with a number of exciting projects at his feet, Hamish Daud Wyllie talks acting, Indonesia and motorcycles


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Hamish Daud Wyllie is a young man who demands your attention, let alone when he is blasting through busy metropolitan streets on his beloved Triumph motorcycle. A talented and adventurous spirit girls want to be with him and boys want to be just like him. During conversation, the Australian-Indonesian descendant is extremely energetic, his passionate enthusiasm for diverse interests evident in every word. He jumps rapidly between different topics, leaving little room to catch ones breath, though his amicable demeanor remains throughout.


Outfit by Etro, Watch by Tudor – Fastrider

Wyllie’s mania for diverse pursuits is captivating. “I don’t want to sound depressing, but I had a bad accident a few years ago. I was in a comma and since then, I’ve been determined to do as many cool things as possible. I push myself to experience as much as I physically can,” he confides. Living up to this determined mentality, Wyllie keeps his schedule full to the brim. This year, for instance, he plans to re-enter the acting world with a vengeance. Appearing on the silver screen before the end of 2014, he is featured in a movie adaptation of bestselling book “Supernova” quite some time after his debut in “Rectoverso” in which he says his role was “relatively small.” On the side, he travels regularly for a television show that exposes various Indonesian cultures and regions. Just twenty hours before the interview, he was in Yogyakarta celebrating the inauguration of his architecture company, Saka. Currently, Wyllie is so focused on his career that his love life inevitably suffers, “This year, I doubt I’m going to have much time for romance!”


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Apart from romance on screen that is. Having just begun shooting “Supernova,” he looks back on his involvement with the movie, “At first, I declined the role. Not because I didn’t want it, but because I knew getting into the character would take up a huge chunk of my time.” However the 1980-born actor reconsidered the project after reading the book. “Dewi Lestari (the author) is such an awesome writer! I really like the way she looks at the world.” To portray a gay man on screen was another factor for Wyllie to entertain. “My friend, Arifin Putra, happens to be my partner for the movie. When we were both offered the roles, we weren’t so sure because they were quite contradictory to our previous ventures, I have a TV show, which people consider quite masculine and adventurous, while Arifin plays a cold-blooded villain in ‘The Raid 2: Berandal.’ But regardless, as we are both really comfortable with our sexuality, we decided to take the roles.”

However, Wyllie explains that getting into character was far from easy. “When we tried the reading with the cast for the first time, I did everything wrong. The way I was breathing, sitting, standing, and even staring was off. It is so difficult to embody an outwardly gay person because it is not something tangible. This storyline is unlike any other. It is a story of romance, minus the stereotypical cheesy nuances. Let’s put it this way we flirt intellectually, me as an English literature student and Arifin as a student who is passionate about physics and medicine, so we don’t interact like most couples.”


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 “It is so difficult to embody an outwardly gay person because it is not something tangible”

Despite the demanding nature of such roles, Wyllie has ensured that his other project (the travel TV show),has continued undeterred. “‘My Trip My Adventure’ is basically a recreation of how I grew up with my father. We went on expeditions together since I was three years old,” Wyllie explains, emphasizing that the television show is not just another gig to him. Appearing slightly nostalgic, he continues, “My dad was the most adventurous person. I have never met anyone who loved Indonesia more than him.” Inheriting the love for the country from his father, Wyllie initially wanted to create an informative show which would encourage people to conserve Indonesian cultures. The producers, however, wanted something more entertaining, and so a compromise was made. But he remains extremely positive, “The show truly is an eyeopener for Indonesians. It has been my goal from the very beginning, to make people understand how awesome Indonesia really is.”


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At the same time, Wyllie is adjusting to his new home, Jakarta. Amid the relentless hustle and bustle, he makea sense of the city by riding his motorcycle. “When I’m on my bike, I feel completely free. I’ve been in love with Triumph motorcycles ever since I watched Steve McQueen riding his Triumph in the ‘The Great Escape’.” Wyllie then proceeds to detail the harsh realities of riding a motorcycle. “I’ve had extensive plastic surgery on my cheek from a past motorbike accident. Half of my face is actually metal because it had to be reconstructed. I’ve broken my neck, my ribs, my hips, my ankle. I really don’t want to have any more accidents!” Yet despite all this, he maintains a positive mindset to help him deal with life’s challenges, “I constantly remind myself and my friends who are in trouble: Nothing is given to us unless we can handle it. This is how you can view negative things, which come your way in a positive light everything is learning.”



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