Aaron Tveit Reveals Depth in His Acting Skill and Ambition

THE RIGHT CHEMISTRY. His wholesome Hamptons-boy exterior and wide welcoming grin are notably true assets for Aaron Tveit to easily step into his blue-blooded character, Tripp van der Bilt in “Gossip Girl”



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Yet, as the interview progresses, little gesture and subtle mannerisms allow glimmers of complexities that lay underneath the affable façade to reveal depth in the amiable actor. A furrowed brow and contemplative glances between crisp laughs, like two opposing forces, produce a magnetic effect that makes Tveit so intriguing to anyone that comes his way.

Growing up in upstate New York, the enigmatic thespian had what it takes to be a great actor: curiosity. He pursued everything that interested him, from theater to sports to business. His inquisitiveness, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, landed him business scholarships right out of high school. Just when
it seemed his path was leading him to the world of business, he turned around and dove right into music—a decision that he never regretted.

The inquisitive actor’s curiosity did not stop there. Feeling like music was half of a whole, Tveit searched for the missing link and decided to bring music and acting together. The combination proved to be a lethal one, as role after role in Broadway came pouring in. True to his unstoppable nature, Tveit ventured off to film and television, and made a reputation for himself as a true chameleonic thespian. As he contemplates the decision that led him to a rich and diverse professional life, he chats about his coveted part in “Les Misérables,” his complex role in TV’s “Graceland” and how music could be just the thing to heighten the plot of a story.



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