Exclusive Fashion Feature: Going Wild West

HIGH-PLAINS DRIFTING. In the high desert, no one may know your name, but that’s probably because you weren’t wearing these chic outfits. Reliving the era of the Wild West with a metal scale collar, dashing bow ties paired with finely cut overcoats and hats and boots just like those worn by well-heeled ranchers and medicine men, this is a wild adventure.

Above: Coat by Dior Homme, shirt and bow tie by Armani Collezioni, trousers by Hugo Boss

Left: Trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier, boots by Dior Homme
Right: Total look by Louis Vuitton

Left: Total look by Dior Homme, medicine man hat by Visori Fashion Art
Right: Coat and trousers by Etro, shirt by Armani Collezioni, shoes by Dior Homme

Left: Total look by Dior Homme, metal scale collar by Anillarte
Right: Cardigan by Louis Vuitton, trousers and scarf by Etro, hat and shoes by Dior Homme

Photographs: Marcos Domingos Sánchez
Models: Alejandro Guinot/Traffic Models Madrid; Aurel/Idol Models Paris