Essentials : Louis Vuitton New “V” Line Collection

MOVERS AND SHAKERS. Celebrating talented individuals who are always on the move or those championing movement in art and lifestyle is Louis Vuitton’s Movers series.


Ryoichi Kurokawa


Alex Olson

For the first installment of this series, the brand invited digital artist Ryoichi Kurokawa and pro-skater Alex Olson to express what movement means to them in a set of captivating videos. “Movement is time,” says Kurokawa, and “Skateboarding is a dance,” mentions Olson. Their projection of motion is then connected to the essence of the brand’s new V line of leather goods. The bags are flexible and lightweight, with adaptable shapes, exterior zip pockets and removable straps—making them particularly suitable for active individuals. Featuring the signature “V” accent created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton himself in early twentieth century, this collection cleverly refreshes the classic icon, and is definitely worth collecting.