Dylan Sprayberry of “Teen Wolf” is On His Way to Becoming a Hollywood Headliner


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in shorts by contraband hats
Shorts by Contraband Hats


DA MAN: We’ve also just heard that you’re involved in a photo project with Leica and photographer Tyler Shields. Can you tell us a bit about this collaboration?
Dylan Sprayberry: Tyler is very talented and we are always working on new creative ideas and projects. Recently, I was involved in a shoot with Marilyn Manson and there is more to come.

DA MAN: Outside of work, projects and publicity, what do you usually do?
Dylan Sprayberry: Making music with my friends; training, boxing or working out; and watching movies and great TV series. Right now, I’m on my second round of “Boardwalk Empire.”

DA MAN: One final question: If somebody came up to you and says, “What do I have to do to be as famous as you?” What would you tell him or her?
Dylan Sprayberry: It’s not about being famous; it’s about doing what you love.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in Jacket by Burberry
Jacket by Burberry


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