Dylan Sprayberry of “Teen Wolf” is On His Way to Becoming a Hollywood Headliner


DA MAN: You’ve been acting for close to a decade, right? What is it about this profession that you’re most passionate about?
Dylan Sprayberry: Some people have “normal jobs” and are only able to be creative on their personal time. This profession allows me to be creative 100 percent of the time!

DA MAN: So far, which of your personal traits have proven to be most valuable in your career?
Dylan Sprayberry: My ability to instinctively know what I should and should not be doing for my career. That, and being able to strategize and put myself in the best position possible to be successful.

DA MAN: On the flip side, of all the lessons, new skills and pointers you’ve picked up along the way, which ones have been the most impactful?
Dylan Sprayberry: As the years go on and I become older, I find myself able to comprehend human emotions more and more deeply.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in Sweater by Ben Sherman, trousers by DuSty, sunglasses by ray-Ban, shoes by Nike
Sweater by Ben Sherman, trousers by Dusty, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, shoes by Nike


DA MAN: Looking ahead a bit, what’s the next career milestone that you’re hoping to achieve in the near future?
Dylan Sprayberry: After being on a very successful TV show, I would like to further my movie career.

DA MAN: Finally, looking a bit further to the future, do you see yourself dabbling in other aspects of the industry? Say, writing or directing?
Dylan Sprayberry: Yes! I love writing stories! In school, my favorite class was creative writing. So, naturally, writing scripts is on my to-do list.


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