Dylan Sprayberry of “Teen Wolf” is On His Way to Becoming a Hollywood Headliner


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in Shorts by g-Star raW, shoes by Nike
Shorts by G-Star RAW, shoes by Nike


DA MAN: On a more personal note, what has been the best part of being on the show for you?
Dylan Sprayberry: Definitely the friendships I have made. The cast is like family.

DA MAN: Do you have any other upcoming film projects?
Dylan Sprayberry: Nothing I can talk about, but I have a few projects in the near future.

DA MAN: By the way, when you’re considering a possible role in a TV show or a movie, what do you usually look for?
Dylan Sprayberry: I would like to do a period piece. I am always reading scripts and looking for characters that I can connect with and intriguing stories.


Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf in oil-free moisturizer by Baxter of california
Oil-free moisturizer by Baxter of California


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